Refugee Radio nominated for Raif Badawi Award

Today we learned that our Refugee for Refugee Radio Programme was nominated for the Raif Badawi Human Rights Award for female journalists in the Middle East.

The team has faced extraordinary conditions, and despite their differing backgrounds, have come together to work. Their work is by refugees for refugees. On a daily basis they tirelessly, and with dedicated focus, provide hours of news, politics and other information to an area that needs it terribly. The spread of the so-called “Islamic State” in Iraq and Syria has had numerous devastating effects. There are essentially no independent media outlets, and state media outlets have all but disintegrated. In this climate, the work of the editorial team is even more incredible.

The German Weekly “Die Zeit” reported about the nomination:

“Nominiert ist in diesem Fall keine Einzelperson, sondern das außergewöhnliche Redaktionsteam der Radiostation Dange Nwe Halabja (Kurdisch: Neue Stimme aus Halabja). Die vier Nominierten sind Flüchtlinge und haben sich unter schwierigsten Bedingungen in der nordirakischen Stadt Halabja zusammengeschlossen, um ihr Programm auf die Beine zu stellen: By the displaced people, for the displaced people (Von Geflüchteten, für Geflüchtete), eine Sendung, die jeden Tag mehrere Stunden lang über Nachrichten und Politik mit besonderem Fokus auf Flüchtlinge informiert. Das Programm ist eine Informationsinsel inmitten einer Katastrophenregion: Der “Islamische Staat” (IS) hat sich in Syrien und im Irak ausgebreitet. Die Staaten zerfallen, unabhängige Medien gibt es so gut wie nicht. Dass sich unter solchen Bedingungen junge Frauen zusammenschließen, um frei und unerschrocken ein Programm zu machen, das sich an den täglichen Bedürfnissen der Menschen orientiert, ist ein außergewöhnliches Beispiel für Journalismus, der mitgestalten und anpacken will. Die Nominierung zum Raif Badawi Award 2016 soll dieses Engagement würdigen.”


Condemning the Yazidi Genocide

Today we organized a demonstration in Halabja Women Center against the Yazidi Genocide.

Women from all the different groups, nationalities and religions were gathering together to commemorate what happens to the Yazidi Community. In August 2014 the Islamic State (IS) overran Sinjar mountains where most Yazidis in Northern Iraq were living, killed thousands and abducted 5000 women and girls. Many of them are still in the hands of the IS and suffer terribly. In Halabja we are taking care of hundreds of Yazidi refugees who are living in Ashty Camp.

It is important to show our solidarity with the Yazidis. Today Muslims, Christians, Syrians, Iraqi-Arabs and Kurds together gathered in Halabja to show our solidarity especially with the Yazidi girls and women.

We all demended from the Kurdish and Iraqi Government as well as the International Community to increase their efforts to get all Yazidis free and to grant them a safe and secure future. The criminals of the Islamic State need to be persecuted for this attempted Genocide.

Local media was present to report about the activities in which we were also lihtening candles for the victims.

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Support for Refugees on Children’s Day

Recently in honor of Children’s Day at Ashti Camp in Arbat, our social support team distributed gifts. The Ezidi children were very happy and excited to receive presents. In these long hot summer months, there is not much to do, or play with.  All of the 260 gifts, were gift wrapped before being distributed, giving each child a moment to unwrap their surprise and feel special.


At the Women’s Center in Halabja, we distributed gifts to the local and IDP children who regularly visit the center. A total of 58 gifts were distributed. Again the gifts were wrapped, creating a special surprise for each child.