Remembering Ghouta Day

Three years ago the Syrian Army attacked the Ghouas near Damascus with Chemical Weapons. NWE is part of the Breathless Campaign and commemorates this event every year.

Breathelss and our partner Wadi issued a press statement today, saying:

“Chemical agents are the perfect weapon for anyone who intends to terrorize a population. They demonstrate that the affected people are without any value in the eyes of the attacker. But chemical agents are not the only weapon used by the Assad regime to terrorize the people. For four years, various areas are besieged by regime troops. Not only Aleppo, but as well other areas like the Ghoutas suffer under hunger and starvation in consequence of siege. Bombing and shelling systematically target civil infrastructure¬† such as hospitals, water facilities and schools. Around 450,000 people live under siege in Syria today. Recently, Syrian troops supported by Hezbollah and Russian bombers launched another campaign against the Ghoutas.

The chemical attacks on the Ghoutas in August 2013 were just a prelude to the horror that followed: Siege, hunger and constant bombardment. International reactions on the Ghouta attacks did not hurt the regime. Today, Assad has more aid and material support from the outside than before – while the urgently needed humanitarian aid and support for the civil population still is out of reach.

It may be too late to turn the game completely. Crimes against the Syrian people can’t be reversed. But it is not too late to help the besieged people of Syria. It is not too late to stop the bombing of people. And it is not too late to avert the menace of other mass-killings in the Ghoutas, in Aleppo and other areas of Syria.

The people of Syria don’t need more good words and promises, they need:

– The immediate implementation of a no-fly-zone over populated areas and the immediate end of bombardment;

– International proscription of the use of barrel bombs as war crime;

– Free and secure access of humanitarian agencies to the civil population in every region of the country;

– An immediate end of the sieges.”

And we held a commemoration in Halabja expressing our solidarity with the people in Ghouta:

halabja ghouta 2

halabja ghouta 1