Highlights from November

The month of November has been a busy time at NWE organization. Our different projects are progressing well. Here are some highlights we would like to share with you:

Recently on the 13th we held a graduation ceremony for 32 girls who finished the English Course program. The girls were from different backgrounds, local, refugee and IDP, they all received certificates of participation.

Our successful sewing course for local, refugee and IDP women continues, and new skills are learned every week. These skills give women the economic independence to provide for their families.


We also held a health awareness seminar where 37 Yazidi women attended. The seminar was presented by Shadan Merza, a medical instructor . With the fast approaching winter the women we visited also requested winter clothes, shoes and coats for their children, rugs, heaters and oil to stay warm. If you would like to help, please donate here.


We also visited Ashty Refugee Camp of Arbat where we held a women’s legal awareness seminar for women, increasing their awareness of their rights and how to obtain them.


All of these activities were supported by Medica Mondial and Wadi. For more day to day updates about our work please follow us on Facebook.