2019 Winter-Spring Activity Report

Annual General meeting of Nwe Organisation: Reviewing 2018 with an eye on the Future

The general meeting of NEW Organization was held on January 10, 2019 to review the activities of the last year and plan for the New Year. The staff discussed new approaches to improve and enhance the departments and implement the best work methods from 2018 according to NWE’s frameworks and goals.


Citizenship, Participation and Peaceful Coexistence

The ‘Citizenship, Participation and Peaceful Coexistence’ project is supported by MISEREOR and Wadi organization. The goal of this project is to create an environment where all IDPs, Syrian refugees, and host communities (Kakais) of Halabja can coexist and live in peace.  It offers participants different cooperative activities to achieve life goals together.

  • Providing Media Training to girls to increase their chances to land job opportunities in the future is one of the activities of this project. It offers trainees theoretical and practical training at Dangi NWE Radio station. Consequently, these girls can use their voices to start broadcasting their own programs to demand their own rights. Many previous participants of this program are currently being employed due to their participation in this course. In total 16 women participated from host community in media course from December 1 – February 28, and on March 12th all the participants got their certificates. According to pre-test and post-test 80% of participants  had progressed.   One participant, Hawzhen Namiq worked as volunteer in our radio section and is now employed in radio.
  • Providing Sewing Courses theoretically and practically for refuges, IDPs, and host communities to improve their skills to have a trade; 28 refugees and 14 women from the host community participated in sewing courses.
  • Opening handcrafting Training to all participants and encouraging them to make their handmade items and sell in the markets to support themselves financially. A total of 4 refugees and 17 women from host community  participated in this course. The course ran from December 1 till February 28.
  •  Music Class  for women to develop their talents; 3 IDP and 10 women from host communities  participated  from December 1 till February 28.
  • Monthly Social Seminars are offered to the participants of this project, in three months two social workers visited Ashti camp six times to discuss social issues, health and hygiene, FGM, early marriage, and domestic violence to the Yezidi, and IDPs of the camps. A total of 120 women were reached through this activity.
  • Final Exhibit At the end of the three month project NWE put on an exhibit showcasing the participant handmade creations for sale to the public. This event was a great success and the proceeds went directly to the participants, encouraging them to support themselves financially in the future. They also all received certificates for their respective courses.
  • Media coverage on these activities:  From KNNFrom SNNC,  From Kurdistan Television 

Green city Halabaja

On  February 6, 2019 we announced the  ‘Green City Halabja’ campaign in a press conference to the media. We talked about our push to stop using plastic bags and instead provided hundreds of multi-use cotton bags. The idea is to encourage people to use cotton bags instead of plastic bags when they shop for their daily needs, because they are better for the environment. The mayor and head of municipality showed their support for the campaign. The campaign includes seminars in public places, schools, and villages around Halabja to increase environmental awareness and to encourage people to protect and ‘green’ their communities. We would like to be a model city and hope to encourage other cities to join us in this campaign.

Media coverage of the events: From KNN, From SNNC, From WISHE, From Wadi

Radio Dangi NWE Programs

Dangi NWE radio station is a community radio station which is one of the projects of NWE Organization and it is funded by Wadi organization. It broadcasts 11 hours daily, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm in Kurdish, Kurmanji, and Arabic in addition to two hours of VOA Kurdish language department broadcast, on 88.6 frequencies FM in Halabja governorate, Sharazoor, Hawraman and Arbat.

The morning programs are broadcasted in Kiramnji dialect and Arabic language by Refugees for Refugees Radio. It starts with a live broadcast program which interviews refugees and takes calls, live, to talk about their issues.

The afternoon programs include news, music time and various special programs on current issues such as women, youths, environment, health and sports. They are all aired in Sorani and Hawrami dialect.

International women’s day

On international women’s day, March 8 we held a series of activities honouring the special day. We broadcasted special programming about the day and what it means to our work, and the situation of Violence against Women in Kurdistan, especially in Halabja and the surrounding areas. On March 8, several members of NWE organisation were awarded by GBVWG and UN Women for their work in “bettering our society and tackling gender based violence and gender inequality”.

Media coverage: From VOA Kurdish, From Kurdistan Television, From SNNC


Peace andCoexistence in Halabaja

On the 31 anniversary of the chemical attack in Halabja NWE organisation in cooperation with OGBL organisation held an event where IDPs and Refugees donated  their blood to Halabja hospital as symbol of peace between them.

For video coverage of the event click here

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