Development of Agripreneurship Initiatives in Halabja

Development of Agripreneurship Initiatives in Halabja

This project will create new advancement and innovation in the agricultural sector. Through this project

This project will create new advancement and innovation in the agricultural sector. Through this project, 10 projects in the field of agriculture will be implemented and put into practice that create jobs for 70 people directly. In this project, priority will be given to the persons with disabilities who have bright and feasible business ideas.

The project is funded by the “European Union” and in partnership with UNDP, Rwanga Foundation and Erbil Governor Office, and it is implemented by NWE Organization in Halabja governorate.


Objectives and Results:

1- Supporting Small and Medium Business (SME)s and start-up ideas.

2- Growth and expansion of the existing businesses and creating new business.

3- Creating employment for the host community, IDPs and refugees.

4- Making use of the natural resources.

5- Activating and developing the agricultural sector. 

Project Duration from November 5, 2020 To March 15, 2021


"keep Kurdistan green"

This project will raise the environmental awareness and create a green and clean setting involving the students , teachers and thier parents at the targeted schools including 9 schools from Halabja province and its surrounding areas Hawraman , Saidsadiq, Sirwan and Khurmal.

Through this project, each of the schools will be visited by our project staff every month during the whole project period, presenting environmental seminars for the students, teachers and thier parents, forming envieronment groups among the students to be involved in the activities, performing theatre plays, distributing tote bags and protective masks, conducting clean up campaigns in cooperation with the students , providing envieronmental materials, other small environment actions such as  building an insect hotel  and other good ideas.

This project is funded by BMZ and WADI organization and implemented by NWE organization in Halabja .

Project duration starts from November  15 , 2020 to November 14 , 2022

Objectives and results :

1-Raising environmental awareness

2- Increasing the use of cotton  bags instead of the plastic bags.

3- Expanding the green spaces in the education settings.

4- Encourging the students to be environment friendly. 


Health Support Project for the IDPs and Refugees in Ashti , Barika  and Arabat Camps

This project will  provide  health support and create livelihood to  the IDPs and refugees in Ashti , Barika  and Arabat camps, in this project priority will be given to a group of women and girls through creating 8000 protective masks and then distributing the  masks and health precautions flyers  by NWE staff in cooperation with the camp management  to protect . The Morethan  8,000 people have been benefited  from this project.

This project  is funded by Dare organization and implemented by NWE organization.

Project duration starts from January 1 , 2021 to March 31 , 2021


1-Creating job opportunities for women and girls from IDPs and refugees in the camps.

2-Increasing health  awareness and preventing the spread of the coronavirus disease.

3- Supporting and improving thier livelihoods.