NWE Organization Celebrates the International Women’s Day (2021)

NWE Organization Celebrates the International Women’s Day (2021)

NWE organization celebrates this ceremony annually and holds various activities.  This year because of Coronavirus pandemic restrictions and precaution measures taken by government, NWE carried out less activities compared to the previous years covering:

·        Planting 8 trees on March 8 by eight women from NWE organization staff near Halabja University, Kwestan Akram the head of Halabja Municipal and Media participated in the Ceremony.

·        Under the theme for International Women’s Day which is “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world,” Hero Wakil the supervisor of Women Department read a statement concerning on:” More efforts need to create job opportunities for women mostly those who graduated from the universities and institutes to be a confident women and be independent financially which will be a step towards reducing violence”. It is obvious that nowadays violence against women and girls and their perpetrators live freely without punishment which leads to increase violence.

·        NWE organization in cooperation with the Germany Consulate produced special videos on March 8 and posted on social media.

·        Presenting two radio programs and broadcasting at DANGINWE radio.