Halabja Summer of Peace and Non-Violence 2018

NWE Organization for Protecting Environment and Women’s Rights is launching the ‘Halabja Summer of Peace and Non-Violence 2018’ in cooperation with our partner organization Wadi. The project will provide classes for locals, Iraqi IDPs and Syrian refugees and is for women and children. The classes offered this summer are:

  • English,
  • Music including guitar and sitar
  • Art both painting and drawing

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This program continues the spirit of the ‘Halabja Summer of Peace’ campaign, which was launched by NWE organization in 2015 with the aim of promoting mutual living and coexistence between locals and Iraqi IDPs and Syrian refugees in Halabja. The refugee situation in Halabja is complicated. While the Syrian (mainly Kurdish) refugees fleeing the civil war are mostly welcomed warmly, the Arabs who have arrived from central Iraq are met with suspicion. Currently Kurdish nationalism is strong and years of suppression under the Arab nationalist regime of Saddam Hussein have not been forgotten. Especially here, in Halabja,where during the Anfal campaign in 1988, the Kurdish population was targeted by sarin and mustard gas attacks, between 3,200 and 5,000 were killed or otherwise sustained lifelong injuries and illnesses. This project works to change the way Kurds and Arabs relate to and engage with one another, fostering an environment where peaceful co-existance and mutual cooperation can thrive.

This year we have chosen to join Wadi’s ‘No to Violence’ campaign and include its aims of ending violence against children in schools and the home, in our summer programs. So in addition to the English, music and art classes offered they will also be holding seminars on children’s rights, children’s health, healthy environments for children and adults and general themes of human rights.

The project will also hold social activities such as picnics to bring people together.

This program will last from June-September 2018.


Finalizing Handicraft Courses

After three months of participating 37 women and girls from the IDP groups, refugees, and Halabja Host community sucessfully finished sewing and handicraft courses, which were conducted by NWE Organization and supported by Wadi and MISEREOR Organization.

On April 25, 2018, NWE Org held an exhibition for selling theproducts they made during the courses. In addition KNN channel reported about this exhibition.

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Nwe Winter Report 2017/2018

We can obtain our rights in a green and clean Environment 
NWE is a non-profit and non-governmental organization, which was founded by a group of youth on October 12, 2012, in Halabja Province. It endeavors to protect the environment through implementing sustainable development projects and advocates women rights and gender equality. NWE is further dedicated to strengthen sustainable future and lead towards social and economic improvements of social communities at the national level. In order to achieve these goals, NWE is committed to partner with various stakeholders in order to foster cooperation and joint work.
Yearly General meeting of NWE Organization  
The general meeting of NWE Organization was held on January 23, 2018, to review the activities of the last year and plan for the New Year. The staff discussed new approaches to improve and enhance the departments and reorganizing the best work methods according to NWE’s frameworks and goals.
Citizenship, Participation and Peaceful Coexistence

The project of Citizenship, Participation and peaceful Coexistence is conducted by NWE organization in Halabja. This project is supported by MISEREOR and Wadi organization. The goal of this project is to create an environment where all IDPs, Syrian refugees, and host communities (Kakais) of Halabja can coexist and live in peace.  It offers participants different types cooperative activities to achieve life goals together, for example opening learning circles for 10 Arabs and 10 Kurds to teach each other Kurdish and Arabic languages.
Language learning Circles for Kurds and Arabs of IDPs, Syrian Refugees and Host communities of Halabja, January 17, 2018.
Media training for IDPs, Syrian Refugees and Host community women in Halabja, February 19, 2018
  • Providing Media training to a group of girls to land job opportunities in the future is one of the activities of this project. It offers trainees theoretical and practical training at Dangi NWE Radio station. Consequently, these girls can use their voices to start broadcasting their own programs to demand their own rights.  Many participants of this program are being employed due to their participation in this course.
  •  Opening computer training to all participants is another activity of this project. It covers Microsoft Office Word and Excel trainings; they are highly demanded for being employed in Governmental and non-governmental institutions.
  • Monthly social trainings and women health seminars are offered to the participants of this project.
  • Drawing courses for children, particularly for those whose mothers are participants of this project, and involve the children in educational and environmental seminars.
  • It also provides knitting, Salon, and sewing courses for girls and women so as to start their own business and be independent financially
Supporting Livelihoods and Social Stability for Syrian refugees and host population

NWE Organization for Protecting Environment and Women Rights held a training course for refugees and host population about radio journalism in Barica Camp – Arbat for six months (November 2017 – June 2018), in collaboration with Fursa youth center- Un Ponte Per (UPP). it was Funded by the European Union
Radio journalism training for youth from host community & Syrian refugees, Barica refugee’s camp – Arbat, March 24, 2018.
Dangi NWE radio

Dangi NWE radio station is a community radio station which is one of the projects of NWE Organization and it is funded by Wadi organization. It broadcasts 11 hours daily, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm,in Kurdish, Kurmanji, and Arabic in addition to two hours of VOA Kurdish language department broadcast, on 88.6 frequencies FM in Halabja governorate, Sharazoor, Hawraman and Arbat.

The refugee for Refugees program in Kurmanji dialect and Arabic language, March 1, 2018.

The morning programs are broadcasted in Kurmanji dialect and Arabic language by refugees for refugees. It starts with a live broadcast program which includes interviewing refugees and receiving their phone calls live in the program to talk about their issues.

The afternoon programs include news, music time and various special programs on current issues such as women, youths, environment, health, and sports. They are all aired in Sorani and Hawrami dialect.

Activities of Ashty Camp
NWE Organization with the support of Wadi Organization distributed clothes and equipment among the Refugees monthly in Ashty Camp, part of it were given and collected by Halabja citizens.
363 Days Campaign for No to Violence in Halabja

NWE Organization has  Announced the 363 Days Campaign for # No to Violence in Halabja for the commemoration of 30th anniversary of Halabja & 5th of Ghouta Chemical Attacks, which consisted of different activities, such as gathering,  reading statements, and mountain hiking  for  refugees, Kakaye, and Host community in Hawraman area on 2 February 2018.
Announcing 363 Days Campaign for # No to Violence, gathering, reading statements, in Halabja January 31, 2018.
Mountain hiking for Women from IDP’s, refugees, Kakaye, and Host community in Hawraman area, as a part of 363 Days Campaign for # No to Violence on February 2, 2018.
Media (Radio) courses for youths

Dangi NWE Radio has been implementing media courses since 15 January 2018. It offered theoretical and practical training based on youths’ demands for 23 youths of Halabja. The training course covered topics of radio program production, working in other radio stations, news writing for the radio station, successful presentations of radio programs.
Journalism training in Radio Dangi NWE, On January 15, 2018.
IHL Friends Network

NWE Organization in cooperation with four other organizations in Kurdistan has been attending meetings for discussing the idea of founding a Network for an International humanitarian law (IHL Friends network), which organized and supported by Geneva Call, in Erbil.
Meeting for creating a Network for an International humanitarian law (IHL Friends network
International # Women’s Day – 8th March 2018

 Radio Dangi NWE specifies all the programs of that day to Women issues and topics. The programs of international women’s day include interviewing significant figures who advocate women rights, discussion of women’s day and songs. All of these programs are presented by females in three different languages and dialects such as Sorani, Kurmanji, and Arabic.
Radio programs on International #Women’s Day – 8th March 2018.
Tree planting campaign

NWE and Capital of Peace Organizations in cooperation with Wadi, started a tree planting Campaign for commemorating the 30th anniversary of Halabja chemical attacks and the 5th anniversary of Ghouta attacks on March 14, 2018.  We announced in a press conference the first day of building a park and planting trees in Halabja.

A tree for Halabja and A tree for Ghouta
you can also participate by planting two trees and more.

Tree planting Campaign for commemorating the Halabja 30th anniversary chemical attacks and the 5th anniversary of Ghouta attacks, on March 14, 2018
Press conference  for announcing  the Campaign of commemorating Halabja’s 30th-anniversary chemical attacks and the 5th anniversary of Ghouta attacks on March 14, 2018
NWE participated in the 62nd session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

Radio Dangi NWE has been part of rural women and girls empowerment program via Radio Stories. In line with the theme of the 62nd session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (12 – 23 March), “Challenges and opportunities in achieving gender equality and the empowerment of rural women and girls,” and in collaboration with the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC), UN Women brings to life stories of rural women from around the world, from Haiti and Canada to Iraq and Senegal to the Pacific islands of Fiji. Produced largely by women producers, these stories, told in the first-person narrative and are currently being aired on local community radio stations.


Combatting Violence Against Women

On November 26th and again on November 29th, we held seminars followed by an open discussion about combating violence against women. The seminar on November 29th was presented by Shokhan Ahmed from WOLA, as a part of series of 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign in Halabja NWE Org office.

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The seminar and open discussion about violence against women, that took place on November 26th was presented by Niyaz Dlshad and Heshw Jamil, also as part of the series of 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign in the Agricultural Technical College in Halabja.


We are happy to share that the seminars were both very well attended.

The seminars were organized by NWE Org and supported by WADI.

Highlights from November

The month of November has been a busy time at NWE organization. Our different projects are progressing well. Here are some highlights we would like to share with you:

Recently on the 13th we held a graduation ceremony for 32 girls who finished the English Course program. The girls were from different backgrounds, local, refugee and IDP, they all received certificates of participation.

Our successful sewing course for local, refugee and IDP women continues, and new skills are learned every week. These skills give women the economic independence to provide for their families.


We also held a health awareness seminar where 37 Yazidi women attended. The seminar was presented by Shadan Merza, a medical instructor . With the fast approaching winter the women we visited also requested winter clothes, shoes and coats for their children, rugs, heaters and oil to stay warm. If you would like to help, please donate here.


We also visited Ashty Refugee Camp of Arbat where we held a women’s legal awareness seminar for women, increasing their awareness of their rights and how to obtain them.


All of these activities were supported by Medica Mondial and Wadi. For more day to day updates about our work please follow us on Facebook.

Refugee for Refugee Radio Wins Raif Badawi Award

We are happy to share the news that the Refugee for Refugee Radio Team has been awarded the 2016 Raif Badawi prize for courageous journalists.

The award was named after the Saudi secular activist and blogger Raif Badawi, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes because of his blogging. The International Media Alliance (IMA) launched the prize jointly with his wife, Ensaf Haidar, to honour journalists ” that under high personal efforts trigger societal debates”.

The prize will be presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair on the 19th of October.

The radio team has chosen to use their new platform to campaign for Badawi’s freedom. They have also decided to dedicate the month of October to highlight issues of freedom of speech in their program.  Check back soon for more information, and to know what you can do to support this developing project.