One of our goals is to promote and protect the environment here in the Halabja governorate. This area has beautiful green spaces that need to be cleaned up and valued. We do this by organizing activities such as cleaning parks, picking up rubbish, and making sure green spaces become, and stay green.

One of the issues is the problem of waste disposal in the village and area surrounding the Halabja governorate.  The lack of containers for waste and low level of awareness surrounding the negative effect that litter has on people and the environment is a problem we are working on.

For example in 2015 we worked with the Halabja Governor, Municipality and other local organizations to clean up Ahmad Awa Resort. After the event signs were posted, educating visitors about the natural and cultural value of the park.


Media covering the cleanup activities, allowing the message to reach a broader audience.

We also hold festivals promoting local produce, local farmers, and local herbs. In these festivals we showcase products such as: pomegranate, pomegranate juice, walnuts, qazwan, berries, grapes, gum and many others.  The festivals are held regularly, are open to all,  and are covered by local media.


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