Tasawi Program

The goal of Tasawi program is to empower 2500 minority and IDP women and girls from all over Iraq.  The program offers five month courses, divided into business English (60 hours) and computer training (70 hours). The courses are taught by three experienced teachers, who are experts in their subject matter. The program hopes to help these women find better employment opportunities.

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Recently on July 14, 2016 we held a second graduation ceremony. This was a very happy occasion where 68 participants received certificates of their new skills. It is also worth mentioning that out of those 68 participants, 22 went on to take the MOS exam which they all passed successfully. We hope that with their new skill set, they will go on to find good jobs, providing economic independence and a better future for themselves.
This program is supported by FHI360 and the U.S Department of State.